Forum: Extend training programme to other security firms

The command centre at the new Aetos Complex.
The command centre at the new Aetos Complex.PHOTO: ST FILE

The news about the advanced training packages for Aetos security officers is encouraging (Aetos security officers to get three-tier skills upgrading, Sept 24).

The programme will provide new skill sets to Aetos personnel, with its range of courses starting from basic security up to facilities management.

It will pave the way for many aspiring officers who are determined to pursue a career in the security sector, where demand constantly exceeds supply.

Having a skilled security workforce will not only benefit Aetos but also its clients, and the front-line officers in terms of career prospects and personal development.

I am sure many among the 50,000 security officers in Singapore would like to attend such courses, and I hope the Union of Security Employees will consider adapting the Aetos programme and extending a similar one to other agencies. This would allow private security agencies to upgrade their employees' skills. Funding may be a problem for the smaller agencies but, overall, as most officers are registered with the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department, they would be entitled to government skills assistance (such as Workfare or SkillsFuture), so cost should not be a serious concern.

Let us hope that such skills upgrading programmes will help enhance the industry's image, add value and, at the same time, help change the negative image the general public has of people in this industry.

Roger Hui Nai Shiang

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