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Should maids be allowed to work part-time?

Even their employers cannot work part-time or moonlight under our employment contracts with our companies.

If they work part-time, on weekdays, they will be too tired to work, then our children and elderly will be at their mercy.

Mei Yen Low

The full-time employer has to bear all risks and hospitalisation charges, should the maid get injured during the part-time job. Once you give in to this, more demands will come and the story never ends.

Judy Lee

I think the best arrangement is to give these foreign domestic workers a special pass. They look for their own place to stay, pay for their own meals, and are responsible for the levy and medical costs for themselves. Then they can work part-time as much as they like. They plan their own work schedule.

Dulcet Melody

This is not a good idea.

Some of us already have a lot of tasks that need to get done for one family for six days; the rest day is to give us some "me time".

Most helpers earn on average $600 to $900 a month, and it's already triple what we would earn if we work in our home town.

If we manage our budget wisely, I do believe we can survive.

Desy Dey

Singaporeans should grow up and be like the rest of the developed world, without an addiction to cheap labour to improve their lifestyle. Hire a part-time cleaner or babysitter if you need one.

John Wall

If there is a way to protect both the helper and their employers, then do a trial. Perhaps start with permitting the helper to do specific chores for their employer's siblings or parents, and get paid a minimum wage of, say, $15 an hour, working only two days per week and limited to two or three hours each day. A standard contract needs to be enforced.

Mich Chan

Yes, as long as the other hiring party is a known party to the existing employer. If this is allowed, then the maid insurance policy will need to cover this part, just like motor insurance policy requiring another named driver.

Liang Mean Wong

My mum's helper is super hard-working and she just amazes me with her cooking talent. Not only that, she sells clothing online too. If they can, they should be allowed to work part-time, with proper time management.

Nurin Abdul

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