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It is no secret that Singaporeans love food, which makes it the perfect way to show kindness to others.
There will be a quota on the number of flights plying both sides.
Prices start from a basic $80 and go up to about $300. 
The Barracks Hotel has a stately grandeur, thanks to its colonial-era architecture and storied history.


This Philippe Starck-designed hotel screams Instagram magnet from the second you drive up to the entryway, with its colourful parrot mural highlighted by a searchlight, and eclectic Spanish-tile crazy paving.
During the shut-in period of the coronavirus, going outdoors was a rare, carefully apportioned treat.


Stepping out of the airport, it was the air I noticed first. Mint-crisp and resinous, the scent of eucalyptus perfumed the cool night.
Active seniors who trek, cycle and run are changing the face of travel with their sense of adventure.